The script for "TERABYSS: A ROCKERS UNDERWATER ADVENTURE" (aka, "ROKKO ISLAND ROCKERS", the project's initial title) was written and storyboarded by Johnny (J.V.) Curtis, who created the original characters and their backstories, scripted all the dramatic dialogue (in its original English), wrote the action and technical description, and developed the story setting to fit the venue's architectural parameters at the Rokko Island Theme Park in Kobe, Japan. It was drafted, from original story through final storyboarded shooting script, in a unique page format designed by Johnny (J.V.) Curtis specifically for motion-based attraction, "theme ride" entertainments.
This project was an 11th-hour rescue and complete rewrite of a prior, much more ambitious underwater Interactive Simulation ride attraction project called "AQUAPORT". At staff Creative Director Alan Yamashita's request, J.V. Curtis commenced the rewrite on the basis of three words from the Japanese clients: "Thrill, Speed, Panic." All scriptwriting on the project was done solely by Johnny (J.V.) Curtis.
Mr. Curtis further adapted this script for audiences in Toronto, Canada, after the show proved extremely popular and was subsequently re-titled "SEA TREK", for which he additionally created the original design concept for the show's promotional poster, scripted the show's theme-queue voice-over dialogue (which was recorded virtually verbatim), and created the fictional "Ocean Rangers Base Technical Information & Description Panels" used throughout the queue's length to establish the show's environmental credibility and theme backstory.
The "SEA TREK" adaptation of the "ROCKERS / TERABYSS" script was done for SimEx, a company that was started following "TERABYSS's" success. J.V. Curtis has written a great many other original scripts and treatments for the various companies that Mr. Yamashita has been associated with (e.g., Interactive Entertainment, Interactive Simulation, Emotional Response, SimEx), and has supplied Mr. Yamashita with a substantial amount of conceptual and literary work from 1990 through 1996.
It has long been Mr. Curtis' belief that he was credited with his work within professional circles. Unfortunately, the deletion and / or usurpation of Mr. Curtis’ credit as the writer of the "ROCKERS / TERABYSS / SEA TREK" shows has been brought to this Author's attention, and he regrets the necessity of having to defend his reputation here -- however, since the online dissemination of misinformation regarding his due and proper conceptual and writing credits has exacerbated this situation (through search engine returns and erroneous content on certain related websites), Mr. Curtis has no choice but to employ countermeasures to help set the record straight.
Virtually ALL of the original character and story development, storyboards, promotional poster design, interior set walk-through display nomenclation, beat outlines, and final draft paste-ups for the "ROCKERS / TERABYSS / SEA TREK" shows have been archived by J.V. Curtis. In the event that any Party or Parties may wish to dispute the foregoing, the Author is prepared to display all the original materials, notes, sketches, art & script paste-ups, vocal recordings, invoices, and other pertinant proofs of authorship, at the Writer's Guild of America, west's, conference facilities in Los Angeles, California.
Buckle in And Hold Tight -- !
-- for some of Johnny Curtis' creative credits in the Themed Entertainment industry.
(You may scream, if you like...)
Johnny got his start doing visual effects work for Douglas Trumbull, on Future General's ACTRANS SHOWRIDE Prototype Simulator, and has since provided conceptual development and attraction scripting for many prominent industry clients, including Iwerks, Landmark, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros., and Universal, among others.
In 1991 Johnny Curtis created a new
"RideScript"SM Page Format
especially for theme environment & motion-based attraction show writing, which has been used to successfully realize the script design, continuity, storyboard & dialogue content on several multi-million dollar projects.
These have included Warner Bros.' MovieWorld Germany's "WILD WILD WEST" attraction, and MovieWorld Australia's original "BATMAN" capsule simulator ride; plus immersive Queue Script layout and fabrication for "STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE" at the Las Vegas Hilton ~
~ and original character & scene backstory, storyboards and scripting for the hit ride
"SEA TREK" ( * )
Full-Environmental Queue and Simulator Adventures playing in Kobe, Japan, in Toronto, Canada, and in Lisbon, Portugal...
(*aka, "TERABYSS: A Rockers Underwater Adventure", aka, "OCEAN RANGERS", aka, "ROKKO ISLAND ROCKERS". )
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Johnny contributed conceptual writing on the "TWISTER" ride experience, and has rendered several conceptual outlines for Universal Studios; scripted Tokyo's "DEEP SEA ADVENTURE", did script breakdown and drafts of Paramount Park's "DAYS OF THUNDER Turbo Ride"; wrote multiple Ride Outlines for Sony ~
~ and also drafted an early "STAR TREK Turbo Ride", with multiple "GOLDENEYE" Conceptual Ride Outlines for Iwerks Entertainment. In the late 1990's, Johnny worked once again for Doug Trumbull, doing character & dialogue development and Show Scripting on Entertainment Design Workshop's popular "ConTRAPtionS" virtual action ride prototype...
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Or, when our Clients are ready to "blueprint" their show with moment-to-moment detail, we can draft a full text-&-storyboarded "RideScript" in our production-proven page format that specifically establishes technical requirements and performance dialogue.
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